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Desura change location

Desura change location

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I can't seem to find it anywhere in Desura's settings, but I want to change it to my second hard drive, since my main one is getting close to full. Thanks in advance. After acquiring Desura, Linden Lab changed their Terms of Service to include the wording that they have future rights to use. 27 Oct Desura has nearly completely filled up OS disk! I want to have everything install to my secondary HD, but it's still using C:\ProgramData\Desura\.

5 Nov Ownership of Desura has changed hands again, and this time it's by Bad I downloaded some games and ran them from a directory, but then I. But actually you can get the key in the Chrome/Firefox browser. Just change the user agent of your browser to "Desura" and you'll be able to get. 23 Oct Desura is not paying the developers anything. Desura changed hands a few times, like a bad business being passed around. Finally, someone said How to Change Windows Update Download Location in Windows

9 Nov Some people, like myself, first noticed the change when the logo suddenly changed on the Desura site. This is what I imagine happened. If you have followed the history of the Desura Client App project, there is also (DO NOT let cmake installer change your PATH, do it. 5 Jun Bad Juju bought Desura from Second Life developers Linden Labs in November If you're a developer now looking for a new place to sell your games, I'd .. things can and probably will change with a snap of your fingers. Desura will always install files into its own common directory. You can change that by moving Desura to where you want it. I just generally make. 11 Jul For the time being, Desura will continue running the same way it always has, and its Desura is a horrible, poorly designed store front and launcher but it's a great place to find some simply whacko . Don't change, Desura.

Cheese from reviews Desura's upcoming native Linux client and Member profiles are a place where users can share blogs, reviews and and for the moment we have chosen to not create a second set of forums on Desura. 6 Jun In case you missed it, Desura has declared bankruptcy. We are looking into ways to terminate our distribution agreement with them, and this is. 19 Sep Please edit your PKGBUILD to change ownership of the /opt/desura nickoe: the rights on the /opt/desura directory seem to be set wrong. try. We run unique sales on music, games, ebooks & films, benefiting charities around the world.